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Dutch Hollow General Jewelry by Emily J Burton

Dutch Hollow General is an accessories line and the passion

of  Los Angeles based rocker and designer Emily J. Burton,

who believes that no item – whether functional or purely for personal adornment – should be mundane. 


About My Work

Growing up in Southern Indiana greatly shaped my aesthetic sensibilities.

Like a spring flower sprouting between retired railroad ties, this combination

of weathered rustbelt industrial relics overcome, yet surviving, the cycles of nature drives my design. Hoosier turned Angelino, I now reside in Los Angeles where I make all Dutch Hollow General goods by hand. Fascinated by metal as an art form of endurance, I strive to make quality products. Dutch Hollow General jewelry is solid metal and chain links are crafted by hand.


Using techniques old and new, I combine found objects, organic materials,

3D printing and traditional wax sculpting into my lost wax cast "miniature collage" creations.


A co-founder of riff-rock band Fireball Ministry, I draw my inspiration from the powerful music I love – heavy metal, classic rock and american roots – as well as the power of numerology, fibonacci, animal spirits, wings, horns, natural plant forms and crystals.


I have a BS in Design from the University of Cincinnati and learned silversmithing at Penland School of Craft and the Calstone Jewelry Art & Design College.

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